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ARROWS or WASD to move
[M] to view map
[R] to go to save point
[S] to mute

Andrew Gleeson did the music.


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Very well done! Excellent map and the game is perfect entertainment for 1-2 hours.

I really liked the gameplay but the ending was absolutly not me gusta. Or perhaps i did something wrong? I got 12 keys but not the (spoiler) that looks like its unreachable and i also missed one spot on the map. Except the ending, everything was really nice.

I really liked it.

This game is real good, great work man, I really like the tileset you used and the minimal colour palette etc


A really good game , the map is great , ( spoiler , caesar shift 3 to decode )

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I had so much fun playing this game
The map design is brilliant

And the end was really cool


Great layout of the map. Definitely worth playing (even though I could only find 9 keys haha). Loving the retro look and feel!


Graphically it looks like a game made in Pico-8, but the music (it's great) makes the player want to play for a certain time.